“It’s always more important to work ON your business than IN your business.”

That’s My Motto!

The goal of this book is to help groomingsalon owners and pet retailers adopt this slogan as their own and change the way they do business.

I’ll be sharing insights, systems and procedures to help business owners with “big picture” thinking:


  • The fundamentals of systems and procedures.
  • The essentials of customer traffic and how to maximize it.
  • Effective and productive pet retail and salon strategies to help business owners get the most out of their store.
  • Helpful information on franchising and the benefits of not going it alone, with valuable insight provided by and featuring Christopher Conner of Franchise Marketing Systems.
  • Chris Miller of Pacific Store Designs will discuss the central roles of curb appeal, store layout and design in adding up increased sales.
  • Sound marketing strategies and how to implement those strategies successfully.
  • Social Media Marketing as the new way to reach consumers. Learn effective ways to utilize these new platforms with advice from expert, Lynn Switanowski of Creative Business Consulting Group.
  • The basic components to run a successful business, such as goal setting, knowing your numbers, efficient ways to use a POS tracking system, and how to vary and layer your marketing to reach out in many directions.
  • How to find a coach and the advantages of having your own coach.


In learning to implement all of the above tactics to reach your goal, you will be able to work ON your business instead of IN it in order to stop your bitchin’ and start making the money you deserve!

Stop YOUR Bitchin’ and Start Making REAL Money! The honest truth of what it takes to succeed in the Pet Industry.