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The United States women’s team cruised to their fifth title on Tuesday at the gymnastics world championships in Germany. This is the team’s seventh consecutive team title at an Olympics or world championships. Simone Biles led the team with a score of 172.330 and is on her way to becoming the most decorated woman in gymnastics as she has now won 21 medals.

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There is another factor at play here: Rugby, Australian rules, and Gaelic league wear next to no equipment. The problem with American Football is the players are geared up with heavily padded helmets. This has the effect of turning heads into battering rams.

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There were moments when I could see that it was taking a toll on her and it was all becoming too much. She never complained and tried not to cry until it had filled up. This is her first Mothers Day without her mother. This simple idea has run around my brain ever since I first heard of it and tried it out to solve my first computer problem. I also used it to plan the implementation of a new system for NATO that is now the basis for all communications between all the different military departments around the world. This is to insure that no one military will be left in the dark when it comes to working together to solve a problem.

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