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Speeders are likely short on time/want or need to get from point A to point B so they ignore posted limits because there’s no cop they can see to give them that ticket. Shoplifters have a variety of reasons from lack of cash to “the thrill if it”. Dog off the leash, any driving infractions, etc.

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Shant bore u by going into details. Haha. Listening to eminem now. Trump won Washington County by more than 50 points with nearly 75% of the vote. McDonnell posted similar numbers in his successful 2009 run, while Mitt Romney and Cuccinelli received roughly 70% of the vote in the county with margins of more than 40 points. During his 2014 Senate run, Gillespie took 67% of the vote to defeat Warner by 35 points in the county..

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Although the next year’s Rose Bowl victory for the Huskies wasn’t quite so dominant, it was possibly one of the biggest moments of UW history.
The UW quickly jumped out to a 17 0 lead before halftime and shut down the nation’s No. 1 team to finish with a 10 1 record.

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However, when Micky/Do goes for a drive in Micky’s car, she is approached by Serge (Stanley Webber), who reveals that he works in the beachside caf and had eavesdropped on Do’s telephone conversation with Julia. Moreover, he explains how he had contacted Micky and had shown her the imprint of the message that Do had scribbled on a notepad about tampering with the boiler. They had become lovers and had plotted to do away with Do.

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