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The Soviets, suffering further failures, finally succeeded in

Take notes in your recorded voice with a little known tool called as Sticky Notes, all you need is a microphone and a system installed with Windows Vista. Type Sticky in the Start menu search box, then click the Sticky Notes link to display a blank note. If you have problems and the Sticky Notes link doesn appear when you do this, click Start, type optional features and press Enter on your key then tick.

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Olango died in a hospital from his injuries after the shooting

Initially, the show's main aesthetic changed only slightly: The "Housewives Confess" segment moved to a talk show setting, with Andy Cohen onscreen as the human face of a Bravo producer, quizzing the women about the season. "Who here will cop to plastic surgery?" Cohen asked sheepishly. "Do you think you're spoiled?" he asked the sons and daughters of the cast, who were trotted out for an entire segment of the reunion to talk about their storylines..


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