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More than half of the calves in the heifer pens are P level 7

Second, I assume you are a professional, and therefore you are out there practicing in your community. It is your responsibility to make sure you are advocating for your patients, and that includes being involved with discussions with the medical directors. If you are providing a substandard level of care, and you have literature to show that, why not start by having a chat with your agency medical director? Why not email the regional medical director? This mentality in EMS.

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This argument was supported by a 1993 New York Times Magazine

Come for the retro ambiance, but stay for the comforting vegetarian and vegan fare. Here you'll find classic American diner staples with a vegetarian makeover and fresh baked goods from the restaurant's 100 percent vegan bakery. Try the omelets from the all day breakfast menu, or the fluffy pancakes topped with your choice of caramelized banana butter or mixed berries and coconut whipped cream.

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