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” On the first track, a reminder of the band’s humble roots:

I found out the hard way that it helps to be very specific when communicating what you looking for or your request might get completely misinterpreted. The first time I hired a studio to make a porno for me, I thought it would be straightforward enough to ask for the model to masturbate in the bath with a rubber ducky. Left to their own interpretation, they filled the bathtub completely and with suds so they were masturbating underwater where I.

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Some will not make it the full eight weeks and some will

She wasn an alcoholic as such but when she did drink she would constantly get WAY too fucked up. At the start it was a minor inconvenience until it became my duty to hold her hair back and make sure she doesn start fights with groups of people which will result in me getting punched in the face. The breaking point was one night she passed out super drunk and woke up and just pissed on our bedroom floor then.

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