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A Parent’s Worst Nightmare
Losing a pet is every parent's nightmare. Dan Barton gives simple tips to prevent your pet from running away and to find them if they do: 1.  How can pet owners prevent their pets from running away? -Teach your pet they cannot go through a door/threshold until given a permission word (such as “okay”). -Always leash your pet or put him in a carrier when going to the car. -Leash your dog while on a walk, especially if your dog does not know the.
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5 More Tips for Reading Pet Food Labels
There are currently hundreds of foods from which to choose for you pet.  But how do you know which ones are healthy?  And just what are those ingredients, actually? 1.  What Exactly is “Meal”? Meal is a term used to describe animal protein left over AFTER water has been rendered out.  It has a higher concentration of protein than the meat.  A great article explaining the difference can be found here: 2.  What is a By-Product? By-products are livers, brains, bone, stomachs,.
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