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3 Important Facts About Pet Food Labels
Here are some tips for reading those often confusing labels: 1.  Don’t Fall for Marketing Gimmicks:  Big name companies use fancy packaging and emotional commercials to sell their products.  It’s important to know many of their claims are false.  For instance, terms such as “premium,” “super premium,” “ultra premium,” or “gourmet” mean NOTHING because there are no regulations that say these foods must use different ingredients or change their nutritional standards. 2.  “Natural” v. “Organic”: “Natural” does not mean “organic.”  It simply refers to.
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Pet Care and the Recession

The American Pet Products Association reports pet ownership has continued to grow right through the downturn. We spend big on our pets, too, recession or not. Annual pet-related expenditures soared from $43.2 billion in 2008 to nearly $53 billion this year, the association reports.

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